AtomBox awesome features

Fast JavaScript

AtomBox includes a highly optimized JavaScript engine fully compliant with the latest standards that enables you to run standalone asynchronous programs.

Advanced Data Modelling

Innovative internal data model based on Atoms and Boxes for describing any arbitrary data. Implementation includes AtomBox DDL (compatible with HP NonStop DDL), IBM DFDL and ACI MDBCSV.

Multi-platform and open source

Your AtomBox scrips will run with no changes on HP NonStop Guardian (R, H, J and X), IBM AIX, Linux, Windows, Oracle Solaris and others.

New technologies

AtomBox can help you build asynchronous REST Services, TCP/IP Sockets, accessing structured file systems like Enscribe and C-tree, use cryptographic algorithms and many more, all with just couple of lines of code!

Increasing productivity

AtomBox is the swiss army knife of any developer that needs to build scripts and applications fast by focusing on the application logic instead of digging into system internals.

Production ready

AtomBox is maturing, and it now powers services for some important companies, mostly large payment service providers and top tier banks.

Free for non commercial use

AtomBox is free for non-commercial purposes. Just download a copy and start having some fun programming your server. This version of AtomBox is fully functional and non-restrictive but comes with no support or warranties, so is not to be used in production environments without a written permission from Inductum SRL.

Commercial support

Inductum provides comprehensive support services for AtomBox to assist enterprises through adoption and operation of this powerful application framework and API. A commercial AtomBox licence comes with full AtomBox source code and priority access to critical bug fixes and new enhancements.