Free for non commercial use

Erlang for HP NonStop is free for non-commercial purposes. This version of Erlang is fully functional and non-restrictive but comes with no support or warranties, so is not to be used in production environments without a written permission from Inductum SRL.

how to install

  • mkdir erlang (ex: /user/erlang)
  • cp erlang_otp18_st_nse_v01.tar.gz /user/erlang (copy the archive into the new folder)
  • gunzip erlang_otp18_st_nse_v01.tar.gz
  • tar vxf erlang_otp18_st_nse_v01.tar
  • edit the /user/erlang/bin/erl file, change ROOTDIR line to point to the corect erlang lib. Ex: ROOTDIR="/user/erlang/lib/erlang"
  • export PATH=$PATH:/user/erlang/bin (optional)